A story of Passion

Piemonte is known for fantastic region-typical grape varietals, a wonderful terroir, a great history of winemaking, and altogether resulting in wines with wonderful characters and specifities. Historically, and in the traditional winemaking, the wines are very well made for longer ageing in the cellar, allowing the characteristics to develop into great wines well appreciated by wine-connoisseurs and collectors. However, making wines made for long ageing, also requires that the wine often would actually need rather long maturing time before they can be enjoyed.

Todays winemaking however allows the ageing characteristics to come out at a much earlier stage, requiring much less time in the cellar before being ready to be enjoyed.

The Rafinelli range is made in a modern style, keeping the wonderful characters of the grape, the terroir, as well as the characters of the regional winemaking. At the same time, the wines appear ripe to be enjoyed, and easy-going, giving a more versatile wine. Requiring much less developing time than traditional wine-making, the wines also become more affordable, allowing a much broader consumer group to enjoy the various wine qualities of the Piemonte region.

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